Ep.17 ~ "I'm an Educator, not a Teacher!"

Don't let the time fool ya! This is 2 hrs of straight fire!! And Eldredge talked for only TEN minutes!!
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Today, we talked about education. And we brought 2 Black Male Teachers, that quickly let us know that they are not Teachers, THEY ARE EDUCATORS! So we sat back and listened. They talked about why they chose education as a profession, how to teach in a revolutionary style, african centered schools, public schools, lies my teacher told me, and their hardest moments teaching.

**DING DING DING** We can't talk about teachers without talking about teachers and all of these teacher fight videos. Find out what happens if you wear a walkman in Mr. Walker's Class lol.
And here the story of how a student protest turned into Let Us Make Man (and its LUMM SEASON!!)

This a special one because these guys were actually teachers of Keith in High School! (s/o NCHS Eagles) and who knew those seeds planted would lead to this episode.

**Please excuse Keith's mic in the beginning**

As Always...

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Today’s Guest:

Keene Walker



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