Ep.15 ~ "You Need to Make that Email !"

To the future MrsJustEldredge@gmail.com here are some tips...
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Today was inspired by all of the Women who aren't scared to shoot a shot. We saw a twitter thread that told the story of beautiful marriage that started by the wife initiating the conversation... The xoNecole Happy Hour (shoutout!) Episode I Met My Husband in an UberPool gave the women a challenge to be open and shoot their shots to the men THEY want to be with...

Women not waiting and going for what they want!!

Should women shoot their shot?

Why don’t men approach women as much?

How much has the dating climate changed?

Is it ok for women to propose to a man?


As Always...

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Today’s Guest:
Arman - Future Youngest in Charge back again!
Crystal Blade - 39 , Single , & Fine
Ronnesia Barker - The ORIGINAL Email Maker/ Mrs. i AM Wifey Material


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