Ep. 45 ~ What to do if you're SICK & TIRED of being SICK &TIRED!*

So Racism has put its knee on COVID’s neck so we out here!
In these streets! Standing with the people! ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

First and foremost, moment of silence first ALL of the brothers and sisters we’ve lost in the struggle... We pay tribute to our ancestors... Asè ✊🏿🙏🏾

We are talkin riots, civil unrest, FakTlanta, Atlanta is Wakanda but not how you think, we talk organizing, Killer Mike And Ti, and Issac Hayes because we need real leadership not just moments! And Eldredge is the acronym King so Join the


The definition of riot according to google is a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd. I would argue that we as black people have not seen peace since our first ancestors touched the soil of these yet to be United States of America. 

M - ake a decision to join the fight

O - rganize yourself and join a organization 

V - alue Black life over all else

E - ducate yourself on the struggles of your ancestors

M - ilitarize your communities 

E - mpower your children 

N - arrate your own story (Uprisings not Riots) 

T - ake Back What Is Ours 

Take back our pride & Dignity - Embracing our culture

Take back our money - Supporting Black-Owned Businesses and Fighting for reparations 

Take back our communities - with our Votes and electing advocates/champions 

This is only the beginning....


-- Join the Movement --

Kilombo - http://kilomboschool.com/

Aya Education Institute - http://www.ayaed.com/

Malcolm X Festival - https://www.malcolmxfestival.com/

The Black Man Lab - http://blackmanlab.org/

Let Us Make Man - https://www.letusmakeman.net/

Us Lifting Us - https://www.usliftingus.com/

S.O.N.G. (Southerners On New Ground) - southernersonnewground.org

Davis|Bozeman Law Firm




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